9 Creative Color Palettes Inspired By The Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline is probably one of the most recognizable in the world.

Choosing a color palette that reflects the mood and essences of a Chicago skyline can be daunting, even when you consider the number of possible combinations.

We all know that there is a lot more to Chicago Skyline than glass and stone buildings; one of the great things about it is that there is practically an endless set you can play with.

From morning to night, the job becomes much easier though when you have something to draw from, which is why we encourage you to look at our collections for inspiration.

Explore these creative Chicago Skyline Color Palettes for your designs

Buckingham Fountain – a Chicago landmark in the center of Grant Park

Hex: 0356A / 0269B4 / AD4435 / 605951/  DFBD8F / 354D01 / 90825F / 034F5F / 002917

Chicago California Blue Line Station with train and Sears Tower Downtown background

Hex: 0478AB/55AFD2/034076/577F9C/084F0B/7D909F/977C67/017ABF/4E4C57

Chicago Skyline with Pilsen Railroad Tracks – Industrial Landscape

Hex: 027BD6 / 214D7E / 85716A / 587FA0 / B0713B / 6C3530 / 8A786E / CFD0CA / 243547

Chicago South Shore Lakefront Trail- Burnham Park at Dusk

Hex: CAD5CF / 5D9AB9 / 8D9CAF / BC90AB / 0E446A / 7AA7BE / 3C6634 / 193F1A / 294418

Chicago’s Millennium Park Entrance with Michigan Avenue Architecutre

Hex: 0264C5 / 017AD5 / 97BCC5 / A68D77 / 909C9C / 431B33 / 57900D / 477802 / A7997F

Colors of Construction in West Loop, Chicago

Hex: 3292C5 / 4D9FCE / 013F66 / 0669A0 / 7691A4 / 0A3140 / 242625 / 4C2625 / 6C4F47

Late Dusk Reflection Over Chicago’s Loop

Hex: 0155AB / 58AAE3 / EFA896 / AA6E0E / 67503D / A94B01 / 303016 / 4C2625 / 142840

Chicago Skyline as seen from Bridgeport

Hex: 45576D / 8FA3BD / 618EAD / 2D4760 / 57586A / 697784 / 653A41 / 425128 / 3282A7

The Jewelers Building  and Carbridge & Carbon Building

Hex: 2D7DB8 / 709BC5 / 669CBE / 393B3A / 8E8E8E / C1941F / 433E1E / 034A66 / 192B43

If you’re struggling with the vast universe of color, draw inspiration from the world around you — the house on the corner, the produce at the farmers market, the ad at the bus stop. All you have to do is look around!

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  1. Sam P. 8 months ago

    Besides the New York City skyline, I agree that the Chicago skyline is probably one of the most recognizable in the world. This is such an interesting article because I never realized how important it was to choose a color palette that compliments that stock images you’re using. It’s so easy otherwise to get lost in the universe of color.

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