Authentic Stock Photography for Micro Targeted Advertising

Authentic Stock Photography of Chicago West Loop

Harnessing The Power of Authentic Stock Photography for Micro-Targeted Advertising

The modern-day business world is constantly online. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a commercial plumber, you now have access to a whole plethora of digital choices which we simply did not have before…and Authentic Stock Photography is a part of that.

No longer is the business owner forced to pay for expensive commissioned pieces or shots that will are circulated through the industries, nowadays, advertising and marketing content articles are written by the dozen and most of those articles would look a lot better with the application of authentic stock photography.

So what is Authentic Stock Photography?

Authentic Stock Photography is the art of taking unique pictures simply to have ‘in stock’. You may want random pictures of things like the neighborhood where your business is located, the landmarks in the area, local bars or simply to accentuate an article. On account of this online demand for such photographs, the industry has really taken off.

Stock Photography has also long since been a feature of filmmaking. Directors and cameramen might well shoot two minutes of a blank sky or two minutes of a sunrise; simply because it might come in handy one day.

In the past, these shots or films would be kept by the photographer or director themselves in case they ever needed them, Nowadays and thanks to the world wide web, they are able to keep masses of these images so that people like you and I can peruse them and use them at our pleasure. Usually at the cost of a small fee.

Now that we know exactly what Authentic Stock Photography is, let’s take a closer look at micro-targeted advertising and see if we can’t marry the two.

What is Micro-targeted advertising?

Micro-targeted advertising is a bit of a fancy way of saying that analysts like to divide potential customers into groups. These groups represent amalgamations of like-minded individuals. This method of analyzing your data helps your firm to target whole groups of people at once and advertise products to them that appeal to their similar interests.

Through this method of targeting your ads, you are more likely to have a higher success rate in sales. For example, your new product is a huge round hairbrush. You know from your research that you are unlikely to sell this product to men. Instead, you look at your female clients. You then narrow it down farther by selecting all of those that have purchased hair products on a regular basis. You may then target this particular group of people with a far higher success rate that you would have, had you simply advertised the product to everyone.

So why does micro-targeted advertising help you? It saves you money. By only advertising to those women likely to buy your hairbrush, you will have a far higher click rate than you normally would. It will also cost you less than reproducing the ad for every potential consumer you have. Besides anything else, it enables you to market several products to several different groups at the same time.

So how do the two complement each other?

First and foremost, applying authentic stock photography and images of Chicago to your marketing campaigns will improve your content, keep it visually interesting, and is much more attractive than simply pages of text. Secondly, image recognition is a huge part of marketing. So if you choose an authentic stock photograph and stick with it, it will eventually become as synonymous with your brand as your logo might be. The internet is a visual place, more and more so every day. The fact of the matter is that if you’re not using photographs to perk up your keyword-laden content then you are doing it wrong.

Image Recognition Technology is contributing somewhat to this need for photographs. Through this software, a company can monitor and extract data about their consumers. As it develops this will become more and more normal and consumers can expect to see more and more targeted images. It is already happening on Social Media sites – the vast majority of which rely on images to stop you scrolling through content and pay attention.

Carousel adverts are also becoming popular and show a good way to marry authentic stock photography with targeted ads. Using a Carousel ad you may place up to an average of ten photo’s of your products onto your preferred site (Facebook, for example). Users can then scroll across the array of eye-catching authentic stock photographs you have used to view the products. This is particularly helpful because you can break down the ten photo’s into ten micro-targeted ads, meaning that you have a wider net covering more groups of people. In this way, you are more than likely to increase your click-through rate.

So what are the benefits of applying authentic stock photographs to your targeted ads?

  • Your business will save money on digital advertising.
  • You will have visually exciting content.
  • You will increase your brand recognition.
  • You can target multiple groups simultaneously.
  • You can extrapolate data via Image Recognition Technology.
  • It will be cheaper and faster than arranging your own photo shoot.
  • You can instantly download photo’s making them quick and easy to add to your content.
  • Micro-targeting adds a level of personalization to your marketing that will increase your results.
  • Authentic Stock Photography comes with releases, meaning that you don’t always need the express permission of the owner to use them. However, we recommend that you always use images that charge a small fee. This way you will cover yourself and can be safe in the knowledge that no criminal proceedings will be brought to you in the future.

So although at first glance it might seem that stock photography is a bit unnecessary when it comes to your online content; it might be a good idea to start thinking about ways that it could perk up your marketing.

From personalizing the customer experience to using demographics to target your products and services; there really is little downside. When it comes to authentic stock photography, they are an excellent way to save time, money and – best of all – they negate the potential for future legal proceedings because you used photographs you had no permission for!

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  1. RugsCarpets 10 months ago

    I like this idea. I used a image of six corners on my post card design and got a bunch more calls then when I was using generic “home” images. I will try this out with a facebook advertisement. Thanks for the advice!

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