Guide to Creating the Perfect Brochure with Chicago Stock Photos

Guide to Creating the Perfect Brochure with Chicago Stock Photos

A brochure is the first impression a customer gets about your business.

A poorly designed one will likely push prospective customers away. An extremely effective brochure showcases what your business can offer to your customers.

Use of imagery is a technique that converts people to loyal customers. Images add to the feel of how a business operates, its culture and mission. Thanks to the emergence of sites that offer stock images, brochure designs have become more accessible.

But a point to note is that these sites offer generic photos. Photos that have been used by thousands if not millions of marketers. Ever come across brochures with the same images? If yes, that’s what generic imagery entails.

To shield you from the above, we at offer you Authentic Stock Photos and images of Chicago. The  Chicago skyline, the neighborhoods, the bridges, world-class architecture and historic buildings, gardens and of course the people.

As a business owner in Chicago, you want your brochure to resonate and communicate the beauty of working and living here. You can choose from a vast collection of Chicago stock photos that are free and others you have to pay for, to come up with that stellar brochure design.

So, how can you use Chicago images?

1. Understand the objective of the brochure

For you to choose the right images, you need to define the brochure objective clearly. An effective design echo’s the primary objective. Is it meant to advertise a concert in a particular neighborhood? If so our site has numerous photos of different neighborhoods such as South Loop, Lake View, Lincoln Park, Portage Park and more!

You don’t need to use the old generic stock photos. Our site provides you with Chicago tailored images. Once you come up with the objective, you can download for free, or you can opt for the paid ones.

2. Choose a design

An impactful brochure has to have an attractive design. Based on the nature of your business, you can come up with stellar designs with the help of our stock photos. You can find cool architectural images taken in Chicago, which can add spice to your brochure. If you prefer using pictures of rivers or parks to add to your design, there are available on the website. Whatever design you choose, you can use the photos to spice up and also to customize the brochure design based on the business location.

3. Use high definition images

We have all the necessary photos, regardless of the type of business. Our images are of high definition and can be used in large brochures too. They are clear and geared towards communicating a specific message. Imageless brochures are boring and don’t speak to the audience.

Adding images not only makes the brochure design attractive but add depth to the primary theme of the brochure. You can find such relevant photos on the site, and we are sure the conversion rate will increase.

4. Choose appropriate words

The design, images, and words used should relate by communicating a similar language. Avoid big and vague words. The stock photos you have selected from our site should set the tone of your content.

Don’t waste any more time or effort using generic stock images. It will most likely not generate results as good as authentic stock photography. Find your images on and move on to the next task.

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  1. Sam P. 8 months ago

    Brochures are really important. You only get one chance to make a first impression and a brochure will surely do it. Incorporating stock images of Chicago is surely a good starting point. Just make sure they’re high definition. Nobody wants to look at a blurry, pixelated photograph. That is distracting!

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