How To Take Popular Instagram Photos For Your Business: A Guide to Recent Trends

Looking up at The Aqua Building in Chicago's LakeShore East

Instagram averages over 100-million visitors weekly.

So it’s no surprise that the social media platform has become one of the most popular avenues for businesses to maintain their presence and obtain new client bases. The appeal of reaching a wide audience in just seconds of releasing a post, and at literally no cost to the owner of the profile, is becoming more attractive to businesses of all sizes with each passing day.

While handy and perhaps the quickest way to reach your target audience, with the amount of existing profiles and new profiles being generated on a daily basis, becoming another small fish in the ever-expanding social media sea has its challenges.

The average Instagram user follows anywhere between 100 and 200 profiles, so the bombardment of content a typical user experiences on a daily basis can be overwhelming to say the least. Scrolling through all those posts frequently concentrated on hollow topics inevitably happens quite fast, often in just seconds. So, what makes a post stand out amongst the chaos in a typical users feed?

Eye-catching, attractive, and visually stimulating

These are the photos that can be the difference between a follower passing you by and reading your content, and, ultimately visiting your profile for more information. While it may seem like an easy task, and an irrelevant component, the majority of users scroll quickly and are only captured by striking imagery. So, how do you find the right pictures to set your business apart from the traditional corporate posts?

Understanding your target audience and current business trends can mean the difference between losing a follower and gaining 10. When choosing the right photo, content, or hashtag, focus should be on immediate appeal to potential readers. Followers may spend fractions of seconds actually seeing your post. The view may even happen so quickly that the desire to understand more, or to scroll past, occurs at the subconscious level.

At that rapid segment of time, attention to detail in your post is key. If only for a millisecond, the viewer needs to experience sensory stimulation. While they are unlikely to read the language associated with your post or your hashtags first, they are unable to avoid the image you have published, if captivating enough to grab their attention.

Appealing photos trending in this busy world often concentrate on scenery relating to escaping the hectic day-to-day a typical follower or searcher experiences. Whether it be a bar scene, concert, or vacant beach, followers tend to want to see imagery pertaining to places they’d typically visualize or daydream about.

If you are able to instill that image in the mind of a scroller or reader and make it relatable through your post, the chances of additional traffic being directed to your profile may increase exponentially. Keeping up with business trends in social media is simpler than you may think. While it may sound counterintuitive, the imagery necessary to attract traffic to your profile has less to do with your business model, and more to do with typical readers fantasies.

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  1. Craig Ostrander 8 months ago

    Again, more great instagram tips here. It is nice not only find some great photos but also some outstanding tips on how to up your instagram game. thanks for this!

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