Instagram Stories – Chicago Quotes

Templates for Instagram Stories are becoming more and more popular, especially if you are managing a brand or a businesses.

As a matter of fact, Stories play a critical role in enhancing the Instagram experience. Out of over 800 million Instagram users, about 400 million are active daily story users.

So what are these Instagram stories? Well, many say they are Instagram’s response to Snapchat Stories, which are a nice series of your photos and videos put together in a content form that disappears after 24 hours.

If you take a little time and use this feature correctly, Instagram Stories can help you build upon your brand’s online presence, attract new clients and get new followers. You can also use Instagram Stories to link to a shoppable pages, a blog post, a campaign page or even other social media platforms.

Brands on Instagram already put out Stories about product promotion, an inside look into their company, other influences Instagram takeover, a live event or a simple how to.

Instagram Stories are also a great way to show off your love of Chicago and share a quote or two.

Impressions count. Make sure yours stays fresh with unique Chicago images. Get a consistent look and feel with these stylish Instagram Stories Chicago Quotes templates.

However you approach Instagram Stories just remember that there are more features and ways to publish content, so make sure to see what others are doing. Interested in learning more about Instagram Stories? Here is a great write up!

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  1. Craig Ostrander 8 months ago

    I am just starting to use Instagram and I did not know about Instagram Stories. This is very educational post for me and I had to bookmark it so I can come back and dig a little deeper. Thank you so much for this great post.

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