Neighborhood Spotlight: Lake View, Chicago

Lake View, Chicago

The North Side neighborhood of Lake View, also spelled Lakeview, is one of the city’s most populated and most lively.  From an early farming community to a fancy resort on the lake, Lakeview has long been a desirable area.

Wealthy Chicagoans bought property here as an easy escape from the city but before long, with the arrival of rail service and annexation, Lakeview became part of the urban fabric.  But its beauty remains in its many trees, parks, and the lake.

The lakefront is an easily accessible, 1,200-acre amenity with sandy beaches, a boat harbor, bird sanctuary, and the popular Lakefront Trail.

Lakeview truly offers something for everyone: from top-rated schools to excellent offerings in the arts, entertainment, restaurants, bars, and shopping.  It’s easy to get to and from Lakeview via the extensive bus and train connections.

The neighborhood contains the bustling districts of Boystown – through which one of the largest Pride parades in the world passes each year – and Wrigleyville Filed, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Lakeview offers a wide range of residential properties that run from historic to new, from pricey to affordable, from cozy studios to spacious condos.  Vintage buildings share blocks with contemporary construction; classic apartment buildings share blocks with gracious mansions. The exceptional Alta Vista Terrace historic district with its 40 London-style row houses is like no place else in the city.


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