The Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

2019 Digital Marketing Trend Overview

This is the age of digital marketing and modern technology.

Technology has penetrated through almost every aspect of our lives. It is everywhere whenever we see our surroundings.

This momentum of innovation is not going to slow down in 2019.

It is very important to be aware of what is happening if you want to stay relevant in this age of competition and technology. It is equally important to be well-versed in the technology while adopting to future marketing trends.

Here, we will try to look at a few of the more prominent trends that are emerging as we finish the year. We’ll also go through a few of the topmost digital marketing trends that are going to be (even more) popular in 2019.

1. Programmatic Advertisements

This field will definitely continue to develop in 2019. In this process, the use of technology automation in buying and selling online media is ensured. It includes online ads, TV, voice and streaming modules. The rapid increase in these advancements is not going to slow down in the next year. The real-time decisions can be made by using the programmatic advertisements. This tool is going to provide a great audience reach and guaranteed impressions.

One of the greatest advantages of using these tools is that companies and different brands will be able to work with one company instead of a different mix of dealers and sellers. One of the important areas to watch is going to be programmatic TV. There is no need to look far to see everyone from Sky to Amazon is investing a lot, just to have a powerful product. Because of this, rapid developments are expected in this area in 2019.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is going to keep improving in 2019. By using information from social media platforms, AI can evaluate the search patterns and behavior of consumers. Facebook messenger is one example that can help to optimize and automate the customer service.

The information and tips to users are provided by Artificial intelligence, by getting into conversations. A great cost will be saved by the businesses adopting AI in 2019. The growth will also be accelerated that will give you an upper side over the competitors.

3. Voice Search

In the upcoming years, the web browsing will not be dependent upon the screen touch only. It is estimated that half of the searches will be accomplished with the help of voice searches and commands.

Voice search is going to take over the web browsing in 2019.

Voice searches are great when you are multitasking i.e. cooking or driving etc. These are the situations when typing doesn’t look like a good option. Generally, speaking to perform a certain task is easier than typing.

The majority of people don’t have enough knowledge of the powers of voice search option. In the devices using AI and smart technologies, the use of voice search is expected to rise in 2019. Due to the lack of knowledge and oncoming implications associated with the voice search, marketers don’t look like implementing the voice strategy to some extent. However, this certainly is going to change the search patterns and methodologies.

4. Machine Learning

This trend has made some great progress in recent years. It is predicted that machine learning is going to be a great player in 2019.

But what is Machine learning and how does it affect marketing?  It is the process of data analysis that makes an automatic analytical model building. It is a kind of AI that is based on the concept that systems can learn from data. It is Patterns identification and making the best decisions with least human involvements. Most of the organizations are already using and implementing this great technique of machine learning and AI. However, this trend is going to increase in the year 2019.

If we look at the future of digital marketing trends, we see and expect great things to come. Those things will make our marketing initiatives fruitful and easy.

5. More Video Marketing

More video content is certainly going to be the leader in the future. The studies say that 80% of the online content will take up the visual representation form by the year 2019. The videos distribute and pass the message in a much better way than written content and companies will accelerate their brand growth on all platforms by using more videos.

Due to the rapid increase in the use of smartphones and availability of high-speed and now even 5G speeds, videos will become the way of effective and easy communication. This is going to increase greatly in 2019.

6. The Content  – ‘The King’

We came to know the significance of content in the online empire in recent years. In 2019, it is predicted that accurate and reputable content is going to be the trustable thing in the online world. If someone wants to be noticed in the future, they have to make their content informative as well as engaging.

Content is still the soul and heart of modern digital marketing.

The following statistics will make it clear why is engaging content so important?

  • About 85% of marketers in recent years think that their efforts become more successful because of high-quality content.
  • Effective blogging along with good content curation definitely increased the traffic.
  • About 80% of the online users prefer high-quality and original content as compared to the canned solutions.
  • Of course, content in the shape of visuals i.e. stock photos, pictures and graphics are expected to play a vital role in 2019.

By keeping all of these facts and figures in mind, it is very important to develop your content that supports the key goals and objectives of your organization.

7. Marketing Automation And Chatbots

These two in combination will effortlessly manage the social media online market. In  2019, IBM predicts that chatbots are expected to power 85% of all customer service interactions. Companies that are not already using this technology as well as many others are starting to implement it. The progress in conversational interfaces is an exciting area in the development of chatbots. This is already helping businesses to overcome the problems. In 2019, huge additional advancements are expected along with these interfaces.

8. Personalization

Personalized marketing has become an industry standard. More than 90% of marketers think that customer relationships can be advanced with the help of personalization.

The future of email is real-time, behavior-based personalization.

A study by Marketo shows that personalized, triggered emails based on behavior are 3 times better than batch and blast emails.”

9. Social Media

Do you still doubt the importance of social media apps?

Look at these numbers:

  • On Facebook Messenger, 1.3 billion monthly users are active.
  • Every month, 2 billion messages are sent on messenger.
  • 1.3 billion Monthly active users on WhatsApp.
  • As of June 2018, Instagram has nearly 1 billion monthly active users.
  • Total Number of Monthly Active Twitter Users: 326 million

These statistics confirm the growing popularity of social media messaging apps for business purposes. This is going to increase greatly in 2019. Instagram photos grab the attention of viewers instantly. Social media messaging apps can be a great way of sending messages to customers directly, as they allow personalization in real time.

10. Visual Search

This can certainly lead the user experience to a new level in 2019.

By searching through visuals, an image can be uploaded to start the search instead of typing the queries. There are apps which enable the users to search by an image, but this will become a normal thing in the year 2019.

Smart marketers will get the edge on the other competitors by jumping on the visual search trend in 2019 with unique local stock photography. This way, they can succeed to draw customers and present them the right product or service within their visual expectations. Think locally – buy locally.


We’ve shared a few of the more inspiring trends which we expect to emerge more in the digital marketing world in 2019.

No single business or organization can implement these at once. You should instead focus on refining those which are suitable for your industry. Before investing, do research and find out if your target audiences are are even interested in your idea at all.

2019 will definitely be about better customer experience with automation, personalization and Artificial intelligence based technology.

So, to stay ahead of the others, you will have to produce custom, conversational content. The audio and video content will definitely do the better job in 2019 for your targeted audiences.

What are your thought? What do you think is going to he hot in 2019?


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